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What Is Fleet Insurance?

Many different types of businesses own and operate multiple vehicles, such as company cars, transportation vehicles, utility vans or cargo trucks. The best way to insure a group of vehicles is through fleet insurance, which provides coverage for multiple cars and trucks under a single policy. Policies are available that will cover any driver and any vehicle within a group, even if one car or truck is replaced with another. The following are several common types of fleet insurance.

Business Fleet Insurance

This type of insurance covers a mix of three or more vehicles, including cars, trucks, and vans. Policies are available that cover all drivers of any age, even young drivers. This type of insurance typically applies to cars or trucks used for any purpose and within any geographical area.

Haulage Insurance

This type of policy is specifically for businesses that haul cargo, and it is written to cover both the vehicles and the goods they carry, whether those goods belong to the company or to a third party. A haulage policy typically includes a mix of vehicles. In the case of tractor trailers, the insurance will cover the trailer as well as the truck, regardless of whether the trailer is attached or detached.

Car Rental Insurance

Another type of business that relies on fleet insurance is a rental service, such as a company that rents moving vans and trailers or a traditional car rental business. A self-drive hire insurance policy can cover the vehicles during the period of rental by the customer as well as when the vehicle is on the lot. This policy can supplement a customer’s own insurance coverage for the rental.

Coach and Minibus Insurance

This type of policy is for vehicles made to carry five or more passengers. Policies are available that will cover multiple types of vehicles in a group and any driver, regardless of age. Most coach and minibus insurance policies can be used in any geographical area. They will cover vehicles driven by company employees or rented by the public.

Fleet insurance is by far the most cost-effective and practical way to insure a group of cars or trucks. Check out this site to find out more about how fleet insurance works.

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