How to Make Funerals Memorable?

These days funerals are all about embracing unusual and unconventional ideas in order to make funeral services more memorable and in fact a celebration of life.

These memorable arrangements are costly for sure, but they definitely add a personalised touch to the service and can be an honourable way to say the final goodbye to someone special.

At times people make their funeral wishes known to their family members, and this way the family has to honour the deceased’s last wishes. Here we discuss how a funeral service can be arranged in a way that it becomes a memorable farewell to our loved ones.

Seed Cards

A lot of people send out seed cards to remember the person who has departed to another place. These cards are personalised and contain seeds for the guests to grow the deceased’s favourite flower or plant at their homes in order to pay tribute to the lost soul and remember the loved one. A common choice is forget-me-not. These are symbolic small blue flowers of remembrance which are easy to grow and maintain. Some people also go for tree seeds.

Personalised Casket

With time, death is no longer a grieving occasion. It’s becoming more of a celebration of the life the deceased person lived. To show this, people have become very creative with their casket and coffin choices.

Coffin makers these days are making patterned and colourful coffins with an eclectic range of designs that include stars, butterflies, flowers, animals, national flags and even music themed designs. Sometimes people demand the coffin to have a specific image of their loved one.

Personalising the Order of Service

It’s a common practice to hand out service booklets at the funeral service. People used to keep them very plain and formal with maybe just one photograph of the deceased person on the cover. Nowadays, these booklets have become an opportunity to personalise the memorial service; the front cover is a collage of various pictures of the person who died. Sometimes people prefer to add captions and labels on them to explain when and where were these pictures taken.


In attempt to celebrate the bright and beautiful life the deceased person lived, people arrange fireworks at the funeral service. Some also go a step further and have the ashes added into the fireworks. This makes the scattering of ashes a more memorable experience and results in a glorious way to say final goodbyes.

Creative Transport

Black motor hearses is the traditional standard, but if you feel that something more special needs to be arranged then you can avail other options that funeral directors are offering these days. These options are suggested keeping the personality of the deceased person in mind. People these days are opting for VW camper van hearse and motorbike hearse. Some even consider bicycle hearse if they’re planning a green funeral.

However, such funerals are expensive. If you wish that your funeral service should be conducted in such a celebratory style then consider funeral insurance.

So, if you dearly love the person who passed away, then there’s nothing better than arranging a personalised funeral service to offer them your last farewell in a celebratory style.